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QR Codes in Printed Materials
Stirtz New Media is proud to offer complete services for implementing 2D bar codes, also known as QR Codes, into your mobile marketing strategy. QR Codes have exploded in popularity and, if used correctly, have huge potential for exposing your business and products to the emerging market of smart phone and tablet users. Below you'll find a list of ways Stirtz New Media can help you strategize and best implement this exciting new technology into your business:
QR Codes in the Business


Let Stirtz New Media help you strategize and generate QR codes for your print advertising campaigns in magazines, newspapers, billboards, product packaging, flyers, product datasheets, case studies, whitepapers, etc. Receive full reports of scan rates to measure campaign effectiveness.

QR Codes at events


Your QR Codes should point to unique content that people will be excited to view. Let us create custom web landing pages, software demos or a behind-the-scenes video of your business or product! We're fully equipped to create unique, scan-worthy content for your codes to point to.

Website Services


Need a durable code that will hold up outdoors and withstand the elements? Do you need to frequently move a code from one place to another? Do you want the codes to complement your office decor? Stirtz New Media can fabricate and assemble attractive, durable and portable codes in any amount you desire to complement your place of business.

Custom Fabricated Codes. Built for Durability.


Do you want a custom code that uses your company logo or product icons? Microsoft has given designers the ability to create custom, functional QR Codes. Provide us with your artwork and we can create your own custom looking codes!

Full reporting and training available


Need more interaction at your event? Want your event to be more memorable to your attendees? Scanning QR Codes is a unique activity that can enhance your: product/partner expo, tradeshow or training seminar. Attendees will capture content on their smart phones and have an easier way to bring information back to their office. Let Stirtz New Media help brainstorm some ideas and help execute them for your next event.

Esperanza - An Auberge Resort
12 Gallagher Lane


Make your place of business more interactive and engage your customers by adding QR Codes throughout. Perfect for art galleries, museums, walking history tours, garden tours, virtual real estate tours, or even a scavenger hunt! Let Stirtz New Media help you come up with the very best way to incorporate QR Codes into your business location.


If multiple QR Codes are needed, Stirtz New Media will help organize and categorize all of these codes with you. Each account will receive a separate admin login to the code management software and comprehensive training of the tool is available for an additional fee. Full statistical reports can be generated to show code scanning activity, if requested.


Here are a few customers who have implemented QR Codes in their business with the help of Stirtz New Media:

If you'd like to discuss implementing QR Codes in your business, or for the pricing structure for this service, please contact Stirtz New Media via email or phone from the Contact Page. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

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